The logo of Wulfskara
The logo of Wulfskara

A team for the preservation of self-defense

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Our School

The Bujinkan Wulfskara Dojo has opened its gates in 2008, so we may teach Ninjutsu based self-defense and survival to a new generation, and further the knowledge we have already acquired.

It was also our intention to build a team capable of acting in unison and demonstrating great solidarity, while also possessing the most holistic knowledge possible in the fields of self-defense and survival.

It took many years of hard work, but this team of hardcore individuals have come together, and now welcome any newcomer with eagerness and open arms.

Our Leader

Our Sensei, Shidoshi Zsolt Lenkey has been engaged in combat sports and self-defense for more than 40 years. He began his career at the age of 10 with Karate Shito Ryu, later continuing with the branches of Shoto Kan and Kyokushinkai. He then moved on to learning self-defense and survival through Systema. That is how he got in contact with Ninjutsu, which he learned from the late Shihan David Jesse Holt. After Holt's death, Dai Shihan Dean Rostohar took him as his private student. He now operates under the professional supervision of Dai Shihans Csaba Kocsis and László Lívó within the Hungarian division of the Bujinkan Organization.

In the year of 2019, at the central Bujinkan Honbu Dojo of Japan, he successfully passed the Sakki test with the supervision of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi and the guiding hand of Dai Shihan Toshiro Nagato, earning the rank of 5 Dan and the title of Shidoshi.

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Core Values

People of the XXI. century are going through a process like never before: the atomization of society. Today's virtual realities can give us a false sense of identity and community; thus, human connections slowly lose their potential to reach true intimacy. However, for a complete and balanced life, it is crucial that we see ourselves clearly and learn to cooperate on a daily basis. That is why we adopted the principle of 'one for all, all for one' in our team. At first, we always start by training the individual, but we never neglect those excercises that put the emphasis on teamwork. Everyone needs to own their strengths and weaknesses, in order for the team to begin improving both mentally and physically.

It is in the very nature of Ninjutsu based self-defense to bring dynamism and momentum to the student's life. One has to accept the fact that the solution to an extremity is a simple, straightforward one. We always operate with our emotions kept in check, for there are no two identical situations. Nature (along with Humanity) is constantly changing, and we do not offer an easily digestable and formulaic answer to that. There is none. The only thing we can do is to let go of anything that is useless and to absorb every experience that is useful.
This is a way of life permeating every aspect of our lives, sparking changes from time to time. By conquering obstinacy, one becomes a vessel of knowledge; however, in relation to one's identity, this knowledge will always reveal itself in different ways. That is the reason why Ninjutsu based self-defense is a great way of self-expression, while - at the same time - it also gives us the chance to become a part of something greater than us.

"Do not stray from the path of loyalty and brotherly love; delve always deeper into the heart of Budo."
- Toda Shinryûken Masamitsu


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Wulfskara is a self-defense class of AZUMA RÉSZE.

Wulfskara is a Japanese-registered school, and part of the organization of the central Bujinkan Honbu Dojo.

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