The logo of Wulfskara
The logo of Wulfskara

Self-Defense and Melee Combat
based on Japanese Ninjutsu

What does constitute self-defense in our age?

Proper self-defense, in our experience, is more than just a few, well-practiced kicks and punches.

It is a presence born from the stable, yet adaptive connection between one's mind and body. It is also the ability to uphold and sustain that connection, even in a world as hectic and noisy as ours.

Our school has been working on the preservation and enrichment of this thousand year old knowledge for more than a decade.

"When you know how to take care of yourself, the fear comes out of your decisions;
and without the fear, your quality of life really improves."
- Shihan Ed Martin

Learn from real experiences

Safeguarding traditions is as important to us as absorbing and passing on only what is useful.

That is why we build upon the foundations of the ancient, Japanese warrior art of Ninjutsu. This allows us to foster the set of movements and the mental defense, both of which work very well in our daily lives.

At Our School, keeping the traditions of the past and facing the challenges of our modern age are one and the same.

Zsolt és az ihen

Take the first step

You can join us anytime, for training is always tailored to the knowledge and ability of the individual.

Our hall is located in downtown of Budapest, and training is held every evening of tuesday and thursday.

The first lesson is free of charge!

Find us here!


+36 70 424 8221


Wulfskara is a self-defense class of AZUMA RÉSZE.

Wulfskara is an officially registered school of the central Bujinkan Honbu Dojo of Japan.

The Wulfskara name and logo are registered trademarks protected by the Hungarian XI. Copyright Law of 1997.


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