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The logo of Wulfskara

Realistic self-defense in our daily lives

Kép a Taijutsu-ról


For our self-defense training, we cultivate the basics of Ninjutsu, brought straight from the well-proven teachings of one of Japan's century old Dojos.

It is absolutely imperative to master these basics on a high quality level. These skills are used even to this day, and with good reason: they are a thousand years old and provide the best possible starting point for your journey.

First, we are going to teach you a movement set, that you can use universally, regardless of your physical aptitude or the situation you find ourself in (e.g. falling down from stairs, slipping on the icy sidewalk).

You are going to spend the first few years learning hand-to-hand combat. We are going to monitor your progress closely, and when time comes, you will have the opportunity to showcase the knowledge you acquired on tests. Passing these will award you new ranks, allowing you to continue your journey on even higher levels.

After mastering these high quality basics, you can proceed with learning and executing more creative, more impromptu movement sets, chaining them together into one continous flow.
Weapons and firearms will be introduced, such as the sword (ninjato), the flail (nunchaku), the knife (tanto), the pistol or the rifle. That is when your full mental and physical arsenal opens up for you to master and enhance. Should you choose so, this is a task you may dedicate your entire life to.


We may train in our dojo, but life never stops on the outside. We have one or two special programs in store for you each season. They are not compulsory, but we strongly recommend participation to help you progressing further in your training.

First and foremost, we finish every term with a summer camp. This includes camping in the forest, shutting out the unnecessary noise and training from dawn till dusk. This gives you the opporunity to put your knowledge of survival to the test and improve upon them. It is also the place where you can prove your skills by taking the test suited to your level and rank.

We are also present at various domestic and international presentations, events and seminars.

However, it is also very important to note, that students of our school are forbidden to enter any kind of offical or non-official combat sports tournament.

Kép a táborról

If you possess the knowledge, the physical and mental abilities to match the requirements, you are allowed to travel to Japan and train within the walls of the central Bujinkan Honbu Dojo with the permission of Shidoshi Zsolt Lenkey. (Important! You will be charged of every cost!) It is our experience that nothing compares to the mental and spiritual wealth found there, but to live it and understand it, you need such high level knowledge that can only be acquired by long years of practice.

"You are not fighting one opponent. You are fighting the unknown."
- Soke Masaaki Hatsumi


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Wulfskara is a self-defense class of AZUMA RÉSZE.

Wulfskara is a Japanese-registered school, and part of the organization of the central Bujinkan Honbu Dojo.

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